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Panbers is the name of the group of musicians which is short for Pandjaitan Bersaudara. Groups started in the 1960s and began recording in 1971 consisted of four biological brothers the sons of Drs. JMM Pandjaitan, S.H, (RIP) with BSO Sitompul. They are Hans Pandjaitan, Benny Pandjaitan, Doan Pandjaitan and Sido Pandjaitan.

With Panbers, they pioneered their career in the capital, ranging from filling entertainment events at the school party and a party of young people who was then known as the ‘pesta Dayak’. With the unanimous determination of capital and their persistent struggle trying to create a song and bring in party era. One number that did not stop them bring “Ahir Cinta”, a melodic number that they deliver a never bored wherever they performed. Through the numbers are also the names Panbers becoming known and making a new era in the world of Indonesian music.

Panbers career beginning with his first appearance past the stage at Istora the Jambore Bands Panbers 1970 which carries the name more widely known. Especially after appearing on television opportunities already open to them. Original songs of their own such as Bye Bye, Jakarta City Sound, Akhir Cinta, Hanya Semusim Bunga dan Hanya Padamu.

The success of their performances on television seems to attract the attention of the father of Mimi Digita, a company manager LPs Dimita Molding Industries, which then led the group to the world Panbers recordings.

Even with its own capital creation song titled Jakarta City Sound, they are believed to accompany the band class Beeges when the group came and held a concert in Stadion Senayan (Bung Karno) in 1974 that when greeting the audience at that time no less hectic by remarks legendary band from Australia / UK.

To follow the development of music, which has lost Panbers Group Hans Pandjaitan, adding personnel to the group they are Maxi Pandelaki are given the opportunity to fill the bass position. Meanwhile, Hans Pandjaitan replaced by a musician named Hans Noya.

Panbers has created more than 700 songs in hundreds of albums, both the wing of pop, rock, spiritual, keroncong even melayu. Until now the group still exists Panbers Indonesia enliven the music world, not only active show-show to the affected areas but they also still released the album.

Now, let’s download my fav. song ……

Note : data taken from http://www.panbers.com


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