Vivaldi’s Song

Recruiting an entire new lineup of jazz pros, Michael Franks came up with an album with a West Coast jazz base but a New York sensibility. Lyrically a natural follow-up to the slyly suggestive The Art of Tea and featuring less pronounced orchestration than his previous effort, thanks to producer Eumir Deodato, Franks took full advantage of rhythm players Will Lee, Ralph McDonald and Steve Gadd, to make an even funkier record than in the past. Songs like “When the Cookie Jar Is Empty,” “Wrestle a Live Nude Girl” and “In Search of the Perfect Shampoo” are all sensually playful songs that fully captured the erotic yet innocent ’70s-era of free love with a romantic sense of humor. Not as ambitious as his previous Sleeping Gypsy, but a continuation of his ongoing experimentation with different players and a consolidation of his unique songwriting style. ~ Steve Matteo, All Music Guide.

‘ntuk lirik ama kalo mau DL lagu-nya

Lady, when you love me I feel … Home-sweet-home inside of your Sublime … This Garden’s sure to grow you know … Our love is just like Summertime … Parrots eye the fruit and we make love … Between the harpsichords and lutes? … Our greenlimbs intertwine, you know … Our love is just like Summertime

Our souls collide … We slip and slide … We feel no pain … And with our lives locked together … We weather the Wind and Rain … We grow the Farm … We’re safe from Harm … Inside this Circle of Summertime … Both of us know is our Love

As the song begins these shipwrecks fade … Behind a wave of violins; … Vivaldi made us rhyme, you know … Our love is just like Summertime.


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