Koes Plus

The group was formed in 1969, as a continuation of the group “Koes Bersaudara.” Koes Bersaudara became a pioneer of pop music and rock ‘n roll, and even been jailed since music is supposed to represent the flow of capitalist politics. At the moment it was ferocious, fierce anti-capitalist movement in Indonesia.

On Thursday, July 1, 1965, an army of the Komando Operasi Tertinggi (KOTI) arrested brothers Tony, Yon, and Yok Koeswoyo and locked them in the LP Glodok, then Nomo Koeswoyo of consciousness itself, come follow. Alm’s brother Tony Koeswoyo it apparently chose “mangan ora mangan kumpul” rather than separated from my beloved brethren. The error is because they always play the songs – songs of the Beatles are considered poison young people at that time. An accusation without legal basis and tend to be fetched there, they are considered to play music “ngak ngek ngok” the term government in power at that time, music which tends to pro-Western imperialism. From prison instead produce songs that until now still thrilling, “Didalam Bui”, “jadikan aku dombamu”, “to the so called the guilties”, and “balada kamar 15”, the day before erupting G 30 S-PKI, they were released without reason, after the incident was passed, Koes Bersaudara are still alive and stepping on an old age to testimony in front of talk show viewers KICK ANDY (Metro TV) at the end 2008 that they were actually behind the arrest of the Soekarno government assigns them in an operation to support the movement of the Counter Intelligence Down with Malaysia.

From this group of birth Koes Bersaudara songs that are very popular such as “Bis Sekolah”,“ Di Dalam Bui”, “Telaga Sunyi”, “Laguku Sendiri” and many more. One member of the Koes Bersaudara, Nomo Koeswoyo Murry came out and was replaced as drummer. Although the replacement was originally caused the problem in one of the personal self that is Yok who objected to an outsider. Saudara name so replaced with Plus, it means plus outsiders: Murry.

Actually Koes Bersaudara songs better in terms of harmonization (such as the song ” “Telaga Sunyi”, “Dewi Rindu” atau “Bis Sekolah”) compared to Koes Plus songs. It was Nomo, in addition to music will also have a second job. Meanwhile, Tony wants totality in music that makes Nomo should choose. Finally Koes Bersaudara have changed. Koes Plus group led by the late Tony Koeswoyo (the oldest member of the family Koeswoyo). Koes Plus and Koes Bersaudara should be noted as a pioneer of pop music in Indonesia. Hard to imagine our history without the presence of pop music Koes Plus and Koes Bersaudara.

The tradition of the song of creation itself is a tradition created by Koes Bersaudara. Later this tradition was continued with the album Koes Plus volumes 1, 2 and so on. Once formed, Koes Plus does not directly get sympathy from Indonesian music lovers. Record his first album was rejected several record stores. They even laugh at the song “Kelelawar” was actually fun.

Murry then got cranky and went to Jember while handing out a record album for free on his friends. He worked in sugar mills all band together in a band Gombloh Lemon Trees. Tonny, which followed Murry to be invited back to Jakarta. Only after the song “Kelelawar” played in the past RRI looking for Koes Plus’s first album. Some time later through the songs “Derita”, “Kembali ke Jakarta”, “Malam Ini”, “Bunga di Tepi Jalan” until song “Cinta Buta”, Koes Plus was dominate music Indonesia at that time.

With the demands from the record company producer-group then another group of “contemporary” as Favourites, Panbers, Mercy’s, D’Lloyd makes Koes Plus as the centre, so the group-group is always mimic what is done Koes Plus, making an album in Indonesian pop out, like pop pop melayu and Java into the trend of other group-group after Koes Plus start.

Along with that Koes Plus was also issued a Java pop album with songs that are known from the pedicab driver, mother a housewife, until young children, namely “Tul Jaenak” and “Ojo Nelongso”. Not to mention their songs are rhythmic wither like “Mengapa”, “Cinta Mulia” and keroncong song entitled “Penyanyi Tua.” Too bad in every album they spend there is no documentation of months and years, so hard to track down a specific album released what year. Even not there are also other words of introduction. Just recorded their album on a regular basis starting volume VIII after signing a contract with Remaco. Previously, companies that record their albums are “Dimita”.

In the year 1972-1976 Indonesian air is really filled with songs of Koes Plus. Both the radio or the party always carry a Koes Plus song. Probably no Indonesian people that the time was still aged adolescents who did not know Koes Plus. When was Koes Plus released a new album is always eagerly awaited lover of Koes Plus and the general public.

Koes Plusin 1972 had become the best band in the Jamboree Band at Senayan. All participants sang Western songs in English. Only Koes Plus that dared to be different by singing the song “Derita” and “Manis dan Sayang”

From the information sent a fan Koes Plus, Koes Plus’s achievement was remarkable. In 1974 Koes Plus released 22 albums, which consists of an album of new songs and albums “the best” including instrumental albums, which is made from the original instrument recordings Koes Plus or “master” which is then filled by a game saxophone Albert Sumlang, a player from a group of the Mercy’s. So they spend an average of 2 albums in a month. In 1975 there are 6 albums. Then in 1976 they released 10 albums. Perhaps it is worth noting in this record in Guinness Book of Records. And incredibly, their songs are not songs ‘origins songs’, but is almost all good to hear. Evidence of this is the magic answer for many who criticize the songs Koes Plus only rely on the “three moves”: CFG key.

Since many services in the development of music, people give an indication of respect for his achievements became legendary group with a given token of appreciation through the “Legend Award BASF, which is owned 1992.Prestasi year in addition to the art of devotion in the field long enough, the product of creation because the song was also adequate since 1960 until now managed to create 953 songs collected in 89 albums. Achievement results for the period of creation of songs Koes Brothers group of 203 songs (in 17 albums), while for the period Koes Plus group of 750 songs in 72 albums (Kompas, 13 September 2001) .

Koes Plus one member said that they paid very expensive in its heyday. Yon said that in 1975 they performed in Semarang. “It was in 1975, we have paid USD 3 million during the stage in Hyderabad,” he recalled. In fact, when the price of a car Corona in 1975 of approximately USD 3.750 million. If payment is dikurs current approximately equal to Rp 150 million. (Suara Merdeka, May 4, 2001)

At that time, USD 3.5 million is very high, given the new sedan USD 3 million. If Converted amounts shown by the value of money now, the number was equal to USD 200 million to USD 300 million. The number of spectators was not as abundant now, recalls Yon. (Suara Merdeka, October 23, 2001).

After that the popularity of Koes Plus began to dim. Perhaps because the generation has changed and his music tastes changed. Koes Plus vacuum while and came back to replace Nomo Murry, around the late 1976’s. Koes Bersaudara formed again and instantly popular with his song “Kembali” which came out in 1977. Murry and his group intended Murry’s Group also quite kicked off with the song “Mamiku-papiku”. No long-lasting re-formed in 1978 Koes Plus. Her new song, “Pilih Satu ” is also a direct popular. After it came out the song “Cinta”, with orchestra arrangement, which is completely different with another Koes Plus song. Then they wilt popular album also contains the song “Cubit-cubitan ” and “Panah Asmara”. But Koes Plus this generation is no longer as popular as ever. Although, if you listened to the songs that were born after 1978, still a lot of their songs are good.

The fate of Koes Plus is now very tragic. As Yon said one time that Koes Plus is only bigger names but do not have anything. The speech was indeed fit to represent the state personnel Koes Plus. They do not get money from the sale of cassettes containing their old songs. Unlike the singers / musicians today’s lifestyle “rich” because the financial terms of his income as a singer / musician reasonably assured. So did the former group-group famous as the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin, they live comfortably off royalties only cassette / VCD / CD / DVD that they produced. Until the children and their wives enjoyed this financial abundance.

Koes Plus are paid only once for every album produced. There are no royalties, no additional fee for each CD / cassette sold. So do not be surprised when in 1992 had sales Yon agate to feed their households. While his song cassettes and CDs sold in Indonesia are still in demand. Even now at the age of 63 Yon and colleagues (Murry several times did not appear due to illness) took the name Koes Plus must perform to earn money. With the remnants of the voice and power they have to sell voice and energy. Yon did not feel this as a burden. He was grateful his songs are still loved by people. But we are sorry to hear news like this.

Download my fav. song’s  : Ora biso turu; Sayur Asem; Nggoda Ati


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